About Us

"Hailing from a traditional agricultural family, I wake up every morning filled with the fresh and natural fragrance of husk, rice and wet soil all around me. As an ethical and quality driven agriculturist, my father never had to sell his product. His customers did the selling adding more customers in the process. His product was his life and passion filled with purity and undiluted quality."

We started our journey three years ago as an Indian product company from the value foundations of an agriculturist. Despite being in the technology business we believe in an agricultural philosophy; our product is our life and passion. We therefore describe ourselves as "energy s- intent on developing energy efficient and high quality products. The world of technology has always fascinated us, and it is the seeds of technology we are investing, very passionately, in every step of our legacy. Through the years we have been through all kinds of seasons, the good and the bad, but compromise has never been made on the quality of our product.

Armed with a set of inspiring ideals, we have poured our hard work and dedication through the years into the development of our products. All our products are intended to go beyond their features and make their place in the lives and hearts of our customers.


We build products for the residential, commercial, hospitality and industrial sectors. As a company, we understand the growing significance of technology in our lives. And with our smart products we hope to revolutionize the way we interact with technology not just in our homes but at work and as we go about our daily lives. These products surpass the concept and limitations of ordinary traditional devices, boosting convenience as well as productivity.